Turf care at Eastern Suburbs Horticulture is our passion and pride! Nothing compares to that feeling of a freshly mown lawn under the foot after a hard day of preparing and manicuring for the final day of play ahead.


Our turf care division is made up of qualified greenkeepers and groundsman with over 60 years combined experience throughout the company. We specilaise in lawn tennis courts, and this experience in the trade has taken a handful of our staff to tennis courts all over the world!

We take as much pride in our residential lawns as we do in our commercial sportsfields, and through the

knowledge and experience of preparing quality cut surfaces on a daily basis, you can be sure your lawn

will be the best in the street. 

We strongly believe that turf preparation is an art, so why not let Eastern Suburbs Horticulture

create your masterpiece for you to enjoy...