Pre-Auction Make Overs 
Hedge Cutting 

A well maintained garden hedge can drastically improve the overall appearance of your garden, providing height, structure and an attractive screen around your garden. Hedges also attract many species of wildlife to your garden. Local birds are always in search for native hedges.

Improving the garden before an auction can drastically make a large difference to the final sale price.  Eastern Suburbs Horticulture offers a pre-auction face lift if you are looking to freshen up the look of your garden or lawn. Call for a free quote

Our horticulturists are specialists in plant selection and are well known for their knowledge and advice. We cover all sized jobs from small native planting projects, to full exotic garden make-overs and rooftop gardens. Ask to see some of our projects!

Mulching / Composting

Organic or inorganic, they both serve a great purpose to your garden. Mulching prevents soil erosion, decreases water loss and prevents the growth of weeds, along with looking aesthetically great! Choose from a variety of different mulches.

Pest/ Disease/ Weed 

We use a variety of Integrated Management Control methods to prevent and remove pest, disease and weed problems. Cultural and mechanical strategies, along with safe chemical applications can all be organised to control pests and diseases. 

Consultations and Advice 

Eastern Suburbs Horticulture specialises in garden consultations. Our services include plant & enviromental weed identification, pest & disease identification, soil recommendations, amendments, pH soil testing + many more tips and practices