How to care for your grass tennis court

Eastern Suburbs Horticulture offer tennis lawn court maintenance programs designed to be cost effective whilst at the same time optimize the performance, life, safety and appearance of all courts.

Some tips for looking after your grass tennis court:

  • Mowing a grass tennis court is imperative in order to keep the surface smooth and low. For good maintenance tennis courts should be mown every 2-3 days on a very low height usually between 6-8mm.

  • Regular fertilisation is required to keep the grass healthy. The grass on your tennis court should always remain green, any brown or dead grass can injure players as it becomes slippery under foot.

  • A tennis court is not ready for play unless is it firm and solid. A grass court is not meant to be as soft as normal grass so use a ballast roller to compact the surface. This should be completed at least once a week

  • Water is imperative for maintenance and continued growth. For an ideal surface you should water the surface after every use.

In addition to the above regular maintenance the below seasonal maintenance is also required for a grass court in play all year:

  • Scarification mechanically raises the surface to prevent compaction. This should be completed annually once the soil temperature increases

  • Rolling which is usually completed in the springtime to rectify and problems from the winter months

  • Completed during the winter months aeration is required to assist with drainage along with deep rooting

  • The worn areas need to be seeded to encourage new growth

  • To maintain turf quality top dressing is required

Maintenance of the foundations; drainage, soil and the grass will produce a green enviable court your neighbours will be talking about.

There may be times the quality of your grass court is not as good as you like or you are experiencing water logging or drainage. Why not call one of our Sportsfield Horticulturalists for advice or a hand in looking after your court and improving the playing conditions on 0413 328 334.

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