Succulents - a stylish addition to any garden

Are you looking for an addition to your garden that requires little to no maintenance? Succulents may just be the answer.

Succulents can be grown in all regions. They can be planted straight into your garden but they are do thrive when planted in pots. The benefit of a succulent in your garden is that they require only little moisture, so really you can plant and forget.

When planting use well drained soil and avoid planting in winter as often it is too cold and wet. They also enjoy maximum sunshine so be sure to plant them with direct light, though some species and survive with part shade. You will also be pleased to know very few pests and diseases bother succulents.

Your biggest concern with succulents is how you are going to use them. Smaller succulents can be used as a border to your garden. Trying a grouping a variety of succulents together in a shallow pot and use as a feature in your garden. Larger succulents such as Agaves can make a feature plant when placed in a tall pot.

The options with succulents are endless.

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