Plant Profile - Magnolia grandiflora 'Teddy Bear'

Why is the Magnolia Teddy Bear so popular? Because this variety has all the most desirable features of the Magnolia tree wrapped into one beautiful and compact statement plant.

This evergreen magnolia can reach up to 4 metres in height and features rounded cup shaped leaves similar to that of a ‘teddy bear.’ These gorgeous leaves are glossy dark green with a soft furry classic bronze underside. Beautiful fragrant white flowers bloom from early spring through to the end of summer.

The long flowering season helps to control plant size and the natural compact shape which make this variety suitable for pots. This stunning tree is a great feature in any size garden. Due to its tight form, 'Teddy Bear' can make a fragrant hedge or screen.

Relatively easy care, these top tips will help you get the most out of your ‘Teddy Bear’

Position – Protect your Magnolia from strong winds to avoid bruising of the delicate flowers. Full sun with shelter from the hot afternoon sun is preferred, and avoid planting anything underneath is as it doesn’t like to have its roots disturbed.

Soil – well drained and add compost and manure. Fertilise in Spring and Autumn with an all purpose fertiliser.

Pruning – Remove dead wood and trim branches in unwanted directions. Tip prune to encourage dense growth.

Look out – for snails and slugs which like foliage. In wet weather Leaf spot can be an issue. Apply copper fungicide as a preventative measure

Contact Eastern Suburbs Horticulture on 0413 328 334 for any planting enquiries.

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