How to choose your garden maintenance company

If we are really honest, the cost we have to outlay to have our gardens serviced is often the deal breaker. But is cost most important when choosing your garden maintenance company?

Reliability – you need a garden maintenance company who will attend to your property when scheduled, in the time frame scheduled. No one likes waiting around for 5 hours just to let their gardener in, what a waste of your day. Choose a garden maintenance company who schedules ahead of time and notifies you of when your next visit is. This way you can plan your week and not waste valuable time

Quality – look around your street. Do you have a neighbour who has been using a garden maintenance company for some time now? Odds are your neighbour continues to use the same company because they are happy with the service and quality of work. Does your neighbour have an enviable screening hedge. Why not ask them what garden maintenance company they use. If you are impressed with their garden then the garden maintenance company is providing a quality service.

Qualified – everyone can purchase a lawn mower and often garden maintenance companies send staff to your property who don’t know much more than how to start the lawn mower. They may provide a cheaper service but do they know the best speed, level and height required to produce a golf course looking mown lawn. Do they know which fertiliser to apply, when to apply, how much to apply and how to safely apply in order to remove the weeds that spring up in your lawn? Rest assured when your garden maintenance company service your property with qualified staff you will get the best results.

Honesty and professionalism – letting someone you don’t know into your home can be a concern for everyone. A garden maintenance company you can trust is a must! First impressions are often spot on so if your garden maintenance company don’t pride themselves in their presentation and professionalism then it is often hard to trust them in your home. Look for a company who treats their staff well. Happy staff often translates into a beautiful garden.

Committed staff – we all see the lawn mowing service who are in and out and on to the next job. But have they looked around you property to see the tasks required on the next visit. Does your garden maintenance company have a weed treatment plan to keep your property looking top notch all year round? Committed staff who pride themselves on their work while servicing your property are continually planning, suggesting and communicating with you on what is required to improve you garden and lawn.

Eastern Suburbs Horticulture pride ourselves on our qualified and committed staff, our high quality work and our reliable service. Contact us on 0413 328 334 for a free quote on how we can improve your garden or lawn and make you the envy of your neighbours.


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