Privacy plants - how to block out your neighbour

Do you have a neighbour you would like to see a little less of? Rather than high fences or lattice dividers, a year round screening can be achieved with property line planting. Some popular options are listed below:


Bamboo is a fantastic privacy solution for areas of restricted space as it grows up to 6m high without the width. Bamboo does have a bad reputation for spreading beyond control but the new species called ‘clumping bamboo’ doesn’t spread and only clumps and thickens around the base of the plant.


The Magnolia is a flowering option for your privacy plants.

The Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’ has very popular both as a feature tree and screening plant. The new species called Magnolia grandiflora ‘Teddy Bear‘ is also currently taking the market by storm with its two toned leaves and stunning large white flower. The two species vary with the ‘teddy bear’ forming a tighter and more dense foliage.


Murraya is a popular choice as they are quite fast growing, hardy and also bear lovely white flowers. The flowers are produced in abundance in spring then again in late summer or early autumn, and they also tend to appear after heavy rain. This privacy plant grows to 3-4m, has a dense, twiggy habit and glossy, dark green foliage. To maintain a Murraya hedge prune lightly two to three times a year in spring and summer. Give a final prune in autumn after flowering.

Screening plants are not only just about privacy from neighbours though, they also serve as a windbreak, protection from the sun, noise buffer, or are simply a way to block an unsightly aspect. For more information or an obligation free quote contact Eastern Suburbs Horticulture on 0413 328 334

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