Take back your lawn: CLOVER

Is your lawn changing from luscious green to a depressing yellow or brown? Is growth slowing and Clover starting to take over? It is time to listen to your lawn – it is STRUGGLING

The presence of clover often indicates your lawn may be lacking in nitrogen. A lawn lacking in nitrogen is prone to weeds and often clover will take the opportunity as the lawn does not have the defense to fight it off.

Here are some simple steps for your to take back your lawn:

  • Increase the nitrogen in your lawn. Similarly to feeding our bodies’ nutritious food while we are ill, it builds up our defense and give the lawn the strength to fight off the Clover. Plus, Clover hates nitrogen. You can feed your lawn nitrogen by applying standard fertilisers or by leaving the clippings on the lawn after mowing.

  • Increase the mowing height. Raising the mower deck and allowing the grass to grow a little longer will assist to kill the Clover naturally by blocking out the sun.

  • Dig the clover out. Though this may sound tedious, if they are in small patches digging the clover out slows down the spreading and growth of the clover. Ensure you get the entire root or it won’t be long until it reappears.

  • Apply a broad-leaf herbicide to the Clover but do be careful as this can kill most garden plants.

  • Keep your lawn in good health. Listen and watch your lawn. Look for early signs or change in your lawn and get on top of these quickly. Prevention is much easier than treatment.

Remember, getting rid of Clover is not instantaneous, it is an overall management plan and can take months of treatment. If you don’t have the time or would like to call in someone with experience please contact Eastern Suburbs Horticulture on 0413 328 334.

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